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The Driftwood Historical Conservation Society

Our Mission

Preserving and enhancing Driftwood’s rural beauty, heritage, sense of community and belonging

To fulfill our mission:

We Support
  • Retaining traffic arteries in Driftwood on the scale of 2-lane Farm to Market or Ranch Roads 

  • Taking the minimum amount of right of way along roads necessary for safety and maintenance

  • Rural road character that retains native vegetation along all road arteries 

  • Preserving and enhancing water quality for Edwards and Trinity aquifers and Onion Creek and measures that support water conservation

  • Low density housing developments that incorporate sustainable approaches with respect to water conservation, land use, landscaping, lighting, wastewater, etc.  

  • Preserving endangered species habitat and conservation easements

  • Adherence to dark sky lighting guidelines and recommendations

  • Understated commercial signage materials that comport with Driftwood’s rural/rustic/natural look and feel

  • Billboard-free byways and roads

  • Roundabouts at appropriate intersections rather than traffic signals to promote traffic flow and safety 

  • Preserving/restoring historical & heritage sites

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