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Driftwood Roads Advisory Group (DRAG)

Purpose of the DRAG

The mission of the DRAG is to review current and proposed roads and to create solutions for better safety and good traffic flow, while maintaining our unique community character. 

The DRAG has been meeting as a group since January 2016.  We have worked as a team to greatly affect the plans developed by Hays County in their "FM150 Character Plan" process. We continue to meet as a group, to investigate, research, formulate plans and take actions to influence the safety and character of our roads.  Our actions are many - working with our Hays County commissioners, working on actions through TxDOT, and  social media influences.


If you have an interest in what will happen on our roads in the DHCS Core Area and Area of Influence, please join our meetings. 

The Roads Advisory Group generally meets the last Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm in the Driftwood Community Center. 


Please contact Meghan Roberts, RAP Liaison for more information. 


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