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Sign Standards

General Requirements

All Signs, temporary or permanent, which can be clearly seen from the exterior of the building, are subject to these standards. 


All Signs must be appropriate for viewing by the general public and professional in appearance. 


Signs must be kept in good repair and must be in keeping with the natural rural character of Driftwood OCV region. 


Business names on monument Signs should be the same as business names on building mounted Signs. 

Signs should not be supported in trees, held by Person(s), hung or nailed to other structures not designed for the display of Signs. 


Signs, Sign holders and fixtures, except as provided herein, that move, make noise, are accompanied by music or sound, scroll, employ blinking lights, balloons, pennants or similar devices, or utilize inflatables of any type are not supported/are discouraged by the DHCS.


Contact information, including phone numbers and websites are supported by the DHCS on any Sign. 


Signs, including graphics, paintings, and posters, are supported by the DHCS in exterior windows or doors where they can be seen from outside the building only if specifically allowed in these Standards except as follows: 

  • One (1) illuminated “Open” Sign that does not exceed two (2) square feet in size is supported by the DHCS per occupied Tenant space. 

  • One (1) white vinyl die-cut or “engraved look” window graphic of the registered name and/or logo of the Tenant is encouraged/supported on the interior surface of the glass adjacent to or on the Tenant’s primary entry door and must not exceed two (2) square feet in area. 

  • One (1) set of white vinyl die-cut or “engraved look” letters noting the hours of operation and emergency contact information and one (1) set of credit card identification stickers are encouraged/supported per Tenant. The combined size must not exceed one (1) square foot in area.

Monument (Free Standing) Signs

General Requirements supported by the DHCS

Each Site is encouraged to/should have no more than one (1) Sign oriented to each street on which the Site has frontage with a maximum of two (2) Signs per Site. In lieu of these two (2) Signs, one (1) corner monument Sign may be used/is supported by the DHCS, for Sites fronting two (2) intersecting streets. 


Street address numbers should be included on Signs located on streets identified in the street address. 


Tenant names should not exceed two-thirds (2/3) of the size of the name of the building or project. 


The use of natural materials is highly encouraged. Such material may either duplicate those of the building or otherwise be complementary (but in harmony) with the building. 


Signs should be ground-mounted and structurally sound. Finish materials must extend to natural grade. The signs themselves should have a four (4) foot height maximum and a ten (10) foot width.


All Signs should be designed and constructed for low maintenance. Higher initial cost for materials is preferable to lower initial cost with high maintenance. 


The Sign background should be of a one neutral color and material and the verbiage of a maximum of three (3) colors. 


Signs should be placed perpendicular to the street unless restricted by the physical conditions of the Site. 


Signs should be illuminated to meet Dark Sky standards and should not have exterior fluorescent lamps.


LED messages should not move, scroll or change more than once a day. 

Illumination should not be offensive. 


Monument Signs should be placed at least one (1) foot behind the Property Line and located to minimize removal of mature vegetation. 


Vegetation may be removed near the monument Sign to provide a view corridor of approximately sixty (60) degrees from each side of the Sign face. 

Office, including Medical Office and Service Centers

Office and multiple Tenant Monument Signs are encouraged to include a maximum of four (4) Tenant panels in addition to the name of the project/building and address. 


Signs should be of a horizontal format and not exceed four (4) feet high from natural grade by ten (10) feet wide.


Retail Neighborhood/Village Shopping Centers

Multi- tenant with six (6) tenants or more


Community Shopping Centers


Community Shopping Centers may be supported for one (1) primary monument Sign that shall not exceed twelve (12) feet high from natural grade by ten (10) feet wide.


Single Tenant Retail Buildings 


Separate monument Signs may be supported; however, if the Site is peripheral to and part of a defined shopping center, inclusion on the Sign which identifies the overall Center will not be supported. 


Signs should be of a horizontal format and not exceed four (4) feet high from natural grade by ten (10) feet wide. 


Gas Stations may be supported by the DHCS to display a Sign panel.  Backgrounds for gas prices and/or an additional service should match the overall Sign background. Gas station signs should not exceed four (4) feet high from natural grade by ten (10) feet wide.

Building-Mounted Signs

General Guidelines

The maximum horizontal dimension for building-mounted Signs should not exceed seventy (70) percent of the total storefront width. The maximum total vertical height must not exceed Thirty (30) inches tall.

The Sign design is limited to individually mounted, fabricated metal channel letters and/or graphics with an internal closed face using acrylic or similar material on the letter face. 


No exposed wire ways, raceways, crossovers, exterior florescent lamps, transformers or conduit will be supported

Office, including Medical Office and Service Centers

Signs identifying separate and private primary entrances for Tenants of multiple Tenant buildings must comply with the building’s overall sign program. 


Retail Neighborhood/Village Shopping Centers

A building on a single Tenant Pad Site and each Tenant space in a multi-Tenant building may have no more than one (1) Sign oriented to each street on which the building or Tenant has frontage, with a maximum of two (2) Signs per Tenant.  

The maximum vertical dimensions for Signs with one (1) line of copy are:
In-line retail stores – two (2) feet. The maximum vertical dimension for Signs with two (2) lines of copy, including space between lines, is one and a half (1 ½) times the height allowed for one line of copy.

Building Signs are not supported above the first floor for buildings more than one (1) story in height.

Parking Lot Signs –Including designated parking, “No Parking”, “No Trucks”, “Handicap Parking”, and “Tow away”, should comply with the requirements of the Texas Transportation Code and are supported. 

Temporary Signs

For Sale Signs

One (1) sign is supported for each site and should be no larger than two (2) feet by two (2) feet.

Temporary Signs

All temporary Signs should be placed on the Site to which they pertain. 


Existing vegetation should not be disturbed or removed solely for the display of a temporary Sign. 


Ground mounted temporary Signs must be mounted no more than four (4) feet above natural grade in overall height, and should not be more than thirty-two (32) square feet in area. 


Temporary Signs must have a single neutral background and not more than three (3) letter colors. Letters must not exceed twelve (12) inches in height. Registered company logos are allowed, but must not exceed twenty (20) percent of the Sign size.


Temporary event Signs may be displayed for the event duration and for seven (7) days immediately before the event and removed within 24 hours after the event. 

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