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Community Center

Community Center Rental

The Driftwood Community Center is a multi-use facility that supports the Driftwood/Onion Creek Valley community. The Driftwood Community Center started as the Driftwood School in the 1900s. It was eventually repurposed in the early 1950s as the Community Center and has been the center of activity

in the community since!

The Driftwood Community Center is available for rent for family events (birthdays, reunions, baby showers, funeral receptions, etc.), classes, meetings and community group gatherings.  There is a kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, sink, and stove. Available is a big screen TV with HDMI and USB-C connections There are 10 tables and 48 padded chairs (capacity maximum is currently 49 people). 

Front of Community Center
Community Center Interior

In future, expect to see fun activities like live music, kids' activities, art exhibits and exercise classes!

For rental information, contact: email:

or download the Rental Agreement by clicking the button below.  Fill out and either scan and return to or mail to :

Driftwood HCS

P.O. Box 314

Driftwood TX, 78619

To lock in your reservation, send the damage deposit and rental amount to this address or you can click our DONATE button ( to send the deposit and rental amounts.

Rental Rates

Non-Profit Organizations

Organization USER (registered 501(c)(3))
MONDAY–THURSDAY:  $20/Hour-minimum 2 hours 

FRIDAY - SUNDAY RATES:  No non-profit rates these days. See Driftwood or Outside Driftwood rates below 

Driftwood Area USER

Lives in DHCS Core Area (see Core Area Map)

   7am-10am: $20/hour-Minimum 2 hours

  10am - 11pm: $50/hour, minimum 2 hours, $350/day max 



  7am - 10am: $20/hour-Minimum 2 hours

 10am- 11pm: $50/hour, minimum 4 hours, $350/day max

Outside the Driftwood Area*


  7am-10am: $20/hour-minimum 2 hours

  10am - 11pm: $75/hour - minimum 2 hours, $350/day max



   7am - 10am: $20/hour-minimum 2 hours

   10am - 11pm: $75/hour-minimum 4 hours, $350/day max


* DHCS Core Area residents (see map) have first priority if reservation conflicts on dates/times arise

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