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Travis League #15 Historical Marker


The DHCS has applied for a Texas State Historical marker documenting the site of William B. Travis League #15 of land (4,428 acres) located along the William B. Travis Heritage Trail, just south of Driftwood. This was Travis’s one and only headright land grant from impresario Ben Rush Milam’s Mexican land grant in 1835. 


For more information about the history of the Travis League, Click Here


We are raising $4,000 to obtain the large (27”x 42”) marker documenting the land site, history and to place attractive landscaping on the site where the historical marker will be located. The location of the site is immediately to the south side of the Vista Brewing entrance on the Heritage Trail (FM 150) deep in the heart of the Travis League of land.


Please donate, by clicking below; any and all that you feel is appropriate. We currently have three Onion Creek Valley benefactors (The Champions of Driftwood) that have offered up to $1,100 in matching grants for the public donations given, so YOUR DONATIONS WILL HAVE A VERY LARGE POSITIVE IMPACT TO MEETING OUR GOAL OF $4,000.

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